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En quelques années, j’ai réussi à rassembler autour de moi une communauté de plus de 2 000 lecteurs sur Medium.

In a few years, I’ve managed to bring together a community of over 2,000 readers on Medium.

J’ai la chance aujourd’hui de pouvoir échanger quotidiennement avec des auteurs passionnants et passionnés. Des hommes et des femmes qui écrivent avec le cœur et proposent une écriture sincère et naturelle. Je ne les remercierai jamais assez !

Today I’m lucky enough to be able to share daily with fascinating and passionate writers. Men and women who let their hearts speak and offer sincere and natural writing. I can’t thank them enough!

C’est grâce au talent de chacun de ces auteurs que la publication Scribe propose chaque jour des histoires uniques et passionnantes, et réunit aujourd’hui plus de 3 000 abonnés et presque 500 auteurs, avec 30 000 vues et 40 000 minutes de lecture par mois !

It is thanks to the talent of each of these writers that the Scribe publication offers unique and exciting stories every day, and now has more than 3,000 subscribers and almost 500 authors, with 30,000 views and 40,000 minutes of reading per month!

Je me suis demandé comment je pouvais donner la parole à tous ces auteurs afin que d’autres puissent aussi les découvrir. Cette page est le résultat de cette réflexion.

I asked myself how I could give a voice to all these writers so that others could also discover their writing. This page is the result of this reflection.

Laissez libre court à votre pensée et partagez ici en commentaire votre histoire, vos idées et vos découvertes avec les lecteurs et moi-même ! Vous pouvez vous inspirer des questions ci-dessous.

Let your thoughts run free and share your story, your ideas and your discoveries here with readers and me! You can use the questions below as a guide.

Racontez-vous en quelques mots / Tell us in a few words

Qui êtes-vous ? / Who are you?

Où vivez-vous ? / Where do you live?

Qu’est-ce qui vous motive dans l’écriture et la lecture ? / What motivates you in writing and reading?

Pourquoi aimez-vous lire des histoires sur Scribe  ? / Why do you like reading stories on Scribe?

Remplissez les champs ci-dessous (tout en bas de la page, après les réponses des auteurs) et cliquez sur Post Comment. N’hésitez pas à mettre un lien vers votre site ou votre profil Medium.

Fill in the fields below (at the very bottom of the page, after the replies) and click “Post Comment”. Feel free to put a link towards your site or your Medium profile.

Merci mille fois et à bientôt pour de nouvelles histoires !

Thank you a thousand times and see you soon for new stories!

Prenez soin de vous,

Take care,

— Thomas

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  1. Agnes Louis

    Hello everyone! I am an alien trying to blend in and be a part of you amazing human beings! I love this planet and all of its inhabitants! If I can reach out from the screen and give you a hug right now, I would. By the way, the name is Aggy. But you can find me in Medium under the name of Agnes Louis.

    I am a writer by heart and a teacher by trade. I teach yoga, pilates and English and currently trying to find my way into the modelling world. Nice to meet you!

    I currently live in Qatar. But really, the world is my home and I haven’t found a spot where I’m going to make my bed and stay for a long long time, yet.

    Writing and reading for me are like breathing. It’s my personal therapy sessions (free of charge!) as well as an outlet to express myself. I live in the art. Does that count as motivation?

    Hmm… I think I was hooked the moment I read “stories about life, love and freedom”. It’s full of irresistible goodness!

    I hope we can all be friends and live peacefully in this planet. Salam kenal (can you guess which country I’m from?)!

  2. Karen Banting

    Hello! Very happy to be part of this community of readers and writers 🙂 I love to write about life, and surfing, and the various lessons I’ve learned and struggles I’ve faced. I do so with the belief that there is so much more that unites us than divides us, and that sharing our own stories can help to set others free. I hope to add a little more beauty to this world in my own unique way! You can find me here and thanks Thomas for including me in your beautiful community!

    1. Thomas

      Karen, you know how much I love reading you and I know that we share this common passion for the ocean and surfing ☺️ 🌊 I hope with all my heart that one day we can slide on the water together and share some waves. You can be sure of that, you bring a lot of good through your stories! Thank you!

  3. 👋 🇪🇺 🇫🇷 ❤️ 🇺🇸 Hello + bonjour, I’m Kitty Hannah Eden, a French-American journalist based in the upper left corner of the US since 2013.

    ✈️ Nomadic to a fault, I’m an amalgam of cultures, languages, people, and places. At the moment, my work is mostly in English but this may come to change very soon… 🗺

    ✏️ I write about mental health and the need to end the stigma that blights the life of those who, like me, suffer from a chronic illness. To do so, I’ve turned the pen on myself. With radical honesty, I share how losing my writing voice for five years has had a profound impact on my life, both on a personal and professional level. 🧠

    💁‍♀️ I’m also documenting the process of saving my own life through the strength of my pen. Because I live in America now and haven’t been able to afford therapy. In other words, the onus is on me to get better as there is no assistance available. I do have insurance but the co-pays are prohibitively expensive, an unfathomable situation to readers located in Canada or overseas yet a very common one. 🤷‍♀️

    🤝 Lastly, I am forever guided by a desire to be of service, a holdover from my public media days working with news organizations in the UK and Portugal, and very much the way I’ve always approached my profession. 📻 🎙

    🤕 If my words resonate and you are similarly afflicted, please do not suffer in silence but reach out—my contact details are public for this very reason. 💌

    🙌 All my gratitude to you, Thomas, for creating such a thoughtful and generous community of writers and welcoming me into it with open arms. 😍

    ⛲️ À très bientôt à Paris pour un café! ☕️

    Kitty Hannah 😊

    1. Thomas

      Wow! Thank you very much for your message, Kitty! 💙

      Writing as therapy speaks to me so much… Words have helped me and continue to help me through many of the challenges of my life.

      Although I admit I have trouble reading all your stories on Medium on time, I am very happy that you are part of Scribe’s adventure!

      I never thought I’d gather so many talented writers one day, and I’m rather proud of what we’re building with this publication.

      Thank you again for your words, and I’m sure we’ll have a lot to talk about over coffee in Paris!

      Take care 😚

  4. When I write, I’m inspired by a belief that complex topics don’t have to be complicated. I want to share my experiences and thoughts with life with readers, and help them understand topics that empower them in their lives. I live in Toronto, Ontario and am grateful to Thomas for finding me on Medium and continuously giving my work a platform. I appreciate you! On the side, I’m a dancer. Check me out at @heyjuliarose.

    1. Thomas

      Thank you so much for your message, Julia Rose. It is a real pleasure to publish your stories and I am very happy that you are part of Scribe’s adventure. Your words will always be welcome, waiting maybe one day to see you dance for real! Take care.

  5. Hello. I’m Crystal Jackson. I live in Madison, Georgia- a gem of a town east of Atlanta. Writing is a healing process for me. I take the difficult pieces of my life and write it out— excavating my own experiences for the lessons I can learn and sharing them. I’m also motivated by the fictional characters that often take up residence in my head until I write them out. I enjoy reading Scribe because I love the courage of writers coming together to share themselves and their lives. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this!

    1. Thomas

      Hello Crystal. Thank you very much for your message. Writing also allows me to move forward every day. It is an incredibly good activity for the head and heart. I am very happy to welcome you in Scribe and I hope you will continue to enjoy reading and writing here. See you soon!

  6. Hey, Thomas! Super exciting to be part of your community. My name is Andrea, but everyone calls me Ada. You’ll find me in Amsterdam or in Montreal. Scribe came to me in the most difficult period of my life and helped me to share my story with thousand of others. It showed me the power of words to heal, motivate and inspire. These are the main reasons why I started and keep writing. Plus, the stories people share on your platform are daring. They are not afraid to share their true feelings & experiences. They have courage to write them down and share with the rest of us. This is why I keep writing for Scribe and reading its stories.

    So, super thanks Thomas, for welcome me to Scribe and your community!

    1. Thomas

      Hey, Ada! Thank you so much for your beautiful message and for these few words about you. I am very happy to publish your stories on Scribe. And I was very touched by your writing, you know that. I don’t think I was the only one, by the way. True feelings and experiences. I think our minds are aligned! You will always be welcome on Scribe! Keep doing what you’re doing 😉

  7. Salut! Je suis Christina. I sometimes go by my pen name, Christie Alexander. J’habite à New York, mais je suis de St. Louis. I am motivated to read and write by the beautiful words that we all too often overlook in quick conversations, that when written, can be quite fantastique. J’aime les gens. I love the stories that each one of us has to share. I am motivated on Scribe because it shows me a global perspective in another language that not only inspires me to look at culture, but also inspires me to learn more about speaking languages outside of my comfort zone. So, I am learning French because the community on Scribe inspired me to! Merci à tous.

    1. Thomas

      Hello Christina! Thank you so much for your message. Like you, I love people. I also love stories that come from the heart, like the ones you write. That’s why I enjoy bringing this publication to life so much. I just went to read a little bit about the history of the city of St. Louis. I didn’t know the origin of the name, in honor of Louis IX, king of France. So you left Forest Park for Central Park! I’ve never been to the United States, maybe one day! Enfin, je suis très heureux de lire que grâce à Scribe tu apprends le français, je ne pouvais pas rêver mieux ! Encore merci à toi et à bientôt.

  8. Cher Thomas,
    Merci de faire vivre cette communauté dont je suis ravie de faire partie ! J’ai re-commencé à écrire ici après des années d’abstinence et au delà des bienfaits intrinsèques de l’écriture, j’ai aussi apprécié les échanges avec les lecteurs et les autres auteurs de Scribe. J’ai été émue, amusée, interpelée par bon nombre d’entre eux et je crois que tu favorises par tes encouragements et ton enthousiasme, ce climat de bienveillance et d’émulation que je trouve assez chouette ici 😉 Surtout, continue ce que tu fais, et au plaisir de te lire.


    1. Thomas

      Merci mille fois pour ton message Caroline, tes mots me touchent beaucoup et me poussent à aller encore plus loin avec cette publication ! Tu le sais, j’aime chacune de tes histoires et c’est un vrai bonheur pour moi de pouvoir les publier sur Scribe. Aussi, j’ai envie de te dire de continuer à écrire en laissant parler ton coeur, comme tu le fais déjà si bien. Prends soin de toi et à bientôt !

  9. I am Daria and I write because it is the only way to understand the world and myself sometimes 😉 What I would like to share is the thought of Oscar Wilde that we born to survive, which is to create, and the link to my Medium profile: / Thanks Thomas for editing Scribe and bringing great minds together!

    1. Thomas

      Thank you so much for your words Daria! I always enjoy reading you and even though we never met, I think you’re a beautiful person. Your stories are inspiring, so keep going, and maybe we’ll get a chance to meet someday.

  10. Vieira da Silva


    Voici quelques mots pour témoigner de ta générosité et de l’ouverture dont tu fais preuve sur les différentes plateformes sur lesquelles tu travailles.
    Je prends le temps, ici, d’écrire et de te remercier pour tout ce que tu as mis en place pour & par Medium (et aussi à côté de Medium).

    Des mots de reconnaissance, donc, pour te dire de continuer ainsi, de garder le cap, résolument.

    Bien à toi,


    1. Thomas

      Tes mots me vont droit au coeur Valentin, merci infiniment. Tu sais à quel point je prends plaisir à publier tes textes, et à quel point ta présence est importante dans cette jolie aventure qu’est Scribe. J’espère que tu continueras à écrire comme tu le fais si bien. Au plaisir !

  11. Hi, Thomas. I’m thrilled to be part of your community both as a reader and a writer. Like you, I believe in the power of words to create a better world. That’s why most of my stories contain a pinch of soul-searching, a dash of hope, and a sprinkle of love. I hope my readers will taste a little of life through my writing and see that even when life is bittersweet, it’s still wonderfully delicious and deserves to be celebrated with a glass of French wine!

    1. Thomas

      Hi, Valerie. Thank you for your beautiful message that goes straight to my heart. I think we share the same vision of writing and that’s why I love reading to you. It’s really a chance for me to read you and publish you on Scribe. And maybe one day, we’ll share a good glass of French wine with the other readers and writers from the community!

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