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Folks, thanks for being here! Here are a few lines to explain the existence of my Patreon page. I hope it will make you want to live the adventure with me!

I edit Scribe on a voluntary basis. To help me bring the publication and its writers closer to the stars, you can support my work via Patreon, a well-known platform for creators.

In addition to supporting everything I do on Medium, your contribution will allow me to organize more writing prompts by rewarding writers with tangible rewards, like the one organized at Christmas in 2020, or this other one organized with the award-winning writing app Bear. I may also publish other books, like this one!

Depending on the tier you choose (the first one is $2 per month and is more suitable for readers), you can benefit from solid advantages, such as a permanent highlight in the weekly newsletter, a one-week spotlight on the publication’s home page, and writing software.

Please note that for each tier you can pay only once for the year with a discount. Whatever your contribution, I will be able to work even harder at what I love to do most in the world.