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I’ve been writing stories and poetry for years. Writing allows me to breathe better. Here is a little glimpse of my pen, hoping you will have a good trip. I update this page about once a month so that you can discover new stories and poems.


And Then in the World AfterLet’s Write Without ConstraintThe Rear-view MirrorI Reconnected With MoviesThe Easter BellA New SpringLike a DrugArt Hasn’t Said Its Last WordEven Great Artists DieDesired MuggingsThe Church BellStreet WindowThe Cranes Are ComingIt’s Hard to WriteMy Relationship With Books


Our First NightChanging SkyYour PetalsIn Your HandDream JailHeavenReflectionCarefreeRecoveryPainting ∙ Trust ∙ With You ∙ I Am Me ∙ Give Me Stars ∙ Words ∙ Until the End of Time ∙ Impatient ∙ Humming ∙ The One ∙ What More Does It Take ∙ Let Me Tell You ∙ A Kiss From You ∙ Stardust ∙ Twinkling Star ∙ Frozen in Time ∙ Gratitude ∙ Lose Control ∙ Vibration ∙ Guardians ∙ Creative Souls ∙ No Hugs ∙ I Hear Bird Singing ∙ Bound ∙ Confined ∙ Anchor ∙ Loosening ∙ Words ∙ Sometimes I Wish ∙ Once Again ∙ Shooting Stars ∙ I Had A Dream ∙ Her ∙ There Are Days ∙ Broken Dreams ∙ Let Me ∙ Never-ending ∙ Writing ∙ Whispering ∙ Loving Smile ∙ Your Soul ∙ Lavender ∙ Treasure ∙ Flower

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