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I’ve been writing stories and poetry for years. Writing allows me to breathe better. Here is a little glimpse of my pen, hoping you will have a good trip. I update this page about once a month so that you can discover new stories and poems. At the bottom of the page, you can read the monthly editions of Scribe’s newsletter that I send out every week.


The Big LeapThe Church BellStreet WindowThe Cranes Are ComingThe SpiderIt’s Hard to WriteThe Nail BoxGrapefruit Rediscovered RealityMy Relationship With BooksJumpFacing the World’s MarchThe Full MoonThrough the ForestLook Like Someone ElseThe Search


Our First NightChanging SkyYour PetalsIn Your HandDream JailHeavenReflectionCarefreeRecoveryPainting ∙ Trust ∙ With You ∙ I Am Me ∙ Give Me Stars ∙ Words ∙ Until the End of Time ∙ Impatient ∙ Humming ∙ The One ∙ What More Does It Take ∙ Let Me Tell You ∙ A Kiss From You ∙ Stardust ∙ Twinkling Star ∙ Frozen in Time ∙ Gratitude ∙ Lose Control ∙ Vibration ∙ Guardians ∙ Creative Souls ∙ No Hugs ∙ I Hear Bird Singing ∙ Bound ∙ Confined ∙ Anchor ∙ Loosening ∙ Words ∙ Sometimes I Wish ∙ Once Again ∙ Shooting Stars ∙ I Had A Dream ∙ Her ∙ There Are Days ∙ Broken Dreams ∙ Let Me ∙ Never-ending ∙ Writing ∙ Whispering ∙ Loving Smile ∙ Your Soul ∙ Lavender ∙ Treasure ∙ Flower

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Exciting End of YearWords As ComfortThank You for Being HereThe Fall Is Looking Good ∙ 16,000 Thanks and the Famous News ∙ You’re Glowing ∙ A Month of Madness ∙ A Million Thanks ∙ We’re Living It ∙ So Many Stories ∙ Let’s Slow Down ∙ A Year Full of Emotions ∙ Only a Month Left ∙ Keep Your Love For Words ∙ It’s Back to School! ∙ The Publication Is in Great Shape! ∙ Let’s Write! ∙ June Is Coming ∙ Spring Sweets ∙ April! ∙ Enjoy Your Reading!

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