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Write. Write for the love of words. Write to tell a story. Write to share a thought, an emotion, a memory. Write to soothe your heart and protect yourself. Write to learn, discover, and grow. Write to express without noise what is inside us….

I created Scribe in February 2017, with the first idea of publishing and promoting talented writers on Medium. The adventure has gone crazy!

The publication is the ideal place where you can read original stories written from the heart.

I like to talk about Scribe as a haven of peace where moments of life and stories of experiences are told in an authentic way.

Far from the hustle and bustle of today’s society, the publication suggests, through the texts of its writers, that we take the time to breathe.

Take the time, and simply enjoy a moment of reading.

New writers are always welcome, so if you are interested, take about 10 minutes to read the publication guidelines and come back to me!

Scribe is published on a voluntary basis. In other words, I don’t get any income from the publication and all the work it requires. To help me grow Scribe and make its talented writers known, you can support my work via a sponsorship program. If you are already a writer for the publication, you can benefit from several advantages. You can also contribute to the birth of Scribe’s first book of poetry.

Join the other patrons.

Scribe in November 2021

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