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A sweet thought coming to me, As long as I can write, My heart will be strong. Words make me alive, We belong together, Like bees and pollen […]

Sans un mot

Elle aurait bien voulu lui répondre quelque chose, comme pour apaiser son coeur, mais les mots étaient restés bloqués à l’intérieur. “S’il te plaît, regarde moi.” Elle s’était refermée sur elle-même

Broken Dreams

She came like a flower, Beautiful and light, Swinging with the wind. She came like a flower, Fragrant and alive, Unleashing body and soul […]

Shooting Stars

Fields of wheat endlessly, Strange noises in the night. The storm roars far away, Lightning flashing across the sky. I’m here and waiting, Leaning on the still hot sheet metal of my blue car. Rocked by the song of a solitary cricket, I wish my eyes would pass through the clouds […]

Once Again

Once again, she will look up at the sky, The Sun, the Earth, the Moon, Mars and its heart, All lined up for a while. Once again, she will allow herself to dream, Both feet on the ground, head in the stars, Eyes sparkling, as free as a bird […]